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LED is transforming the residential lighting industry. Converting your lighting to LED can save 85% the running cost of incandescent lighting and more than 50% of CFLs (fluorescents). But not all LEDs are created equal. Lumen – the universal measure of light output – varies between 60 and 100 for every watt of power consumption in commonly available Light Emitting Diode bulbs and lamps. Watts, on the other hand, is the measure by which your power company charges you. When looking at LED lighting, consider lumen output first and, then, if you have the choice between lighting of comparable lumen output and cost, select the LED product which uses the lowest watts. In bedside lamp applications, 40 watt equals 400 lumens, 60 watt - 700 lumens, 75 watt – 1,100 lumens and 100 watt – 1,600 lumens. In downlight applications, the lumen output of LEDs may appear greater due to more efficient light dispersal.